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This site is dedicated to all the "Unknown", "Unexpected", "Unnamed" and "Died in Infancy"s. May they each find their places in their family's hearts and trees! :D

Rob's Family is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery. Please feel free to curse, stamp your feet, spit the dummy or chuck a wobbly. Since we can't see or hear you, it will all be water off a duck's back anyway, but if it makes you feel better, then please, go ahead! If you check back in about a month, new stuff may have been added and old stuff tossed out the window, and you'll once again be happy! If not, well, you'll see this message again ... and again ... and again ... you get the idea. Once again, if you feel compelled to yell and scream, we won't be able to see or hear you so it really won't have any bearing on how long this process takes us. In short, patience is a virtue, all things come to he/she who waits etcetera etcetera! :D